In an interview with Red Bull, publisher Electronic Arts (EA) says it wants a bigger slice of the eSports pie. The Battlefield and FIFA publisher has a ton of competitive franchises that could make the switch to the more social eSports arena.

One of the cool motivations of why people play games is social connection and social interaction. And what eSports does either through the playing of the game or watching people play the game is really bring people together around great, creative entertainment," said EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

"We have some ready-made franchises for this in our sports properties” Wilson continued, “but we also have a number of other franchises that people may not typically think about as eSports opportunities, but we think there might be an opportunity in the future, so it’s something that you’re going to see more of from us."

Rival publisher Activision has invested millions in making competitive Call of Duty tournaments compelling events. Its easy to see how Electronic Arts could do something similar with FIFA, Battlefield, UFC, Madden or any other of its many competitive games. Speaking of which, EA is finishing up its very own MOBA game, Dawngate which recently went into open beta.

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