I realize it's a bit early to be waxing poetic about the possibilities of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that hits in June, but some cases deserve special attention. Take for instance the award winning developer Naughty Dog, who dropped the fantastic The Last of Us last year. The studio is also known for another franchise, Uncharted, whose latest installment has been in development for over three years. So where is it?

Industry insiders, such as Tidux say that the developer will show something at E3 but there is another complication. The developer may have swept awards last year but it seems to be losing high-level talent at record speeds. The currently unnamed Uncharted project's director, Justin Richmond, head writer Amy Hennig, and actor Todd Stashwick who is featured in the teaser trailer below have all either left to pursue other projects or been replaced.

So while these very creative people have left to make other games better – we hope – Richmond is now working for League of Legends developer Riot Games and Hennig is heading up creative direction for Electronic Arts future Star Wars games, what is to become of the fourth installment of Uncharted? What do you think? Care to hazard a release date for Uncharted 4?

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