For decades, Dick Grayson was better known as Batman’s kid sidekick, Robin. Eventually, he broke off from the Dark Knight to become his own hero named Nightwing. Now, with the world believing he is dead, he’s heading in a brand new direction in the upcoming DC comic, simply titled Grayson, according to USA Today.

To understand the premise behind this book, you have to understand that in recent comics Dick’s identity had been revealed to the world by the Crime Syndicate just before he was seemingly killed by the group. Now with the world believing he’s dead, Dick has to stay underground to protect those around him. But heroes can’t just stay underground, and now Dick has found a new gig in Grayson as a superspy for the organization known as Spyral.

The title will be written by Tim Seeley and Tom King, who is actually a former CIA counter-terrorism operations officer. It’s safe to say that will lend some credibility to all of the espionage in Grayson.

In an interview with USA Today, King said of Grayson, "It's DC's The Americans. This is something where, at the end of it, you have to go and talk about it."

It’s rare for a comic to have a writer with the kind of experience that King has, and it should serve the title well as he will be able to bring an authenticity to Dick’s world that very few people can. Take a look at the cover for Grayson #1 below:

Grayson will hit shelves on July 2.

[via USA Today]