It's already hard enough to go on dates, let alone an OkCupid date with someone you've never met, but guys like this will make it that no girls will ever respond to your direct messages again.

This dude, this dummy right here:

... recently went out on a date with a chick he talked to for about two weeks on OkCupid. They finally agreed to meet at Union Square, and had a nice time, according to the woman. “It started pretty well,” the victim, a 22-year-old St. John’s University student, said. At the end of the night, the guy asked if she'd like to go back home with him, and she refused. He got pissed and followed her to the subway station, and THREW A FREAKIN' WATER BOTTLE AT HER. He then managed to steal her phone as she ran away.

“I guess he doesn’t take rejection well,” she said. “He was acting like a child.” She's a single mother with a 2-year-old daughter, so she would know.

With her phone in hand, the dude changed her OkCupid profile to say that she wanted threesomes, and began texting her friends, “I’m all right everyone, just a little drunk but I’m home now."

Someone please take this girl out and show her a good time. Chivalry isn't dead. I don't think.

[via Gothamist]