China has axed popular shows such as "The Good Wife," "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Practice" to step up their censorship of foreign television shows. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television [SAPPRFT] gave the order but did not specify any details or explanation as to why they are taking these measures.

"It’s long been baffling how the government allows shows like House of Cards to show in China, particularly the second season which had a storyline critical of Chinese government corruption," The Hollywood Reporter reports.

"However, it was generally suspected that the Kevin Spacey­­-starring depiction of sleaze, debauchery, graft and general malfeasance in Washington chimed with an acceptable message on the dangers of democratic institutions."

Many Chinese fans have protested to save their favorite shows.

One Weibo [the Chinese version of a cross between Twitter and Facebook] user wrote, “Other countries have censorship of film and TV as well, and European countries and Americans are also very strict on the censorship of the films for minors. But they have rating systems.”

Even with public input on ways to censor but not completely ban televisions shows from China, the SAPPRFT have shown no signs of reversing their ruling.

[via THR]