Last night, Anna Kendrick made her "Saturday Night Live" debut with musical guest, Pharrell Williams.

The 28-year-old actress kicked off the show with her own spin on a Beauty and the Beast classic for her monologue. She then rapped about "Dongs All Over the World" with the International Nasty Girls and played a 2014 tween gangsta version of Ariel from "The Little Mermaid." Basically, Anna Kendrick killed it.

Here are the best sketches from SNL hosted by Anna Kendrick:

Beauty and the Beast Monologue:

It must be incredibly nerve-racking to host SNL for the first time but Anna Kendrick makes it look like a breeze once she starts belting out her Disney inspired monologue that involves the entire SNL cast. [Who knew everyone on SNL could sing?] Kendrick owns the stage like a pro with an effortless vocal performance paired with seamless comedic timing. 

Dongs All Over the World:

Some people travel for the adventure and some for the thrill. The SNL ladies travel for the dongs. In this hilarious music video for "Dongs All Over the World," Kendrick raps about how to effectively travel and see "none of the country but all of the dongs" in three minutes. Also, catch the random but awesome cameo from the Swedish duo, Icona Pop.

Anna Kendrick - DONGS - SNL 4-5-14 by IdolxMuzic

Little Mermaid:

In this sketch, Kendrick makes it rain on us hoes for doubting her rapping abilities on the "Dongs All Over the World" track by upping her game and rapping to Kesha and Iggy AzaleaSNL cast member, Aidy Bryant plays an unimpressed-- no, a seriously concerned Ursula, who wants to steal Ariel's voice but eventually passes because POP MUSIC.

Ariel The Little Mermaid, Anna Kendrick ~ SNL 4... by HumanSlinky

Norfolk Zoo:

Norfolk Zoo ~ Saturday Night Live by HumanSlinky

Being a zoo keeper at Norfolk Zoo means dealing with crazy students on field trips, taking care of an iguana named Four Loko and crying on the job. Kendrick plays an enthusiastic zoo keeper who loses her cool once the students steal Four Loko and replace him with a Shrek doll. 

To watch the full episode from last night, click here.

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