Whenever it rains or (as it did perpetually last winter) snows in New York City, the yuppie population looks like they have fully prepped for the journey from Everest base camp. Thick performance fleeces, complicated rain jackets, and backpacks with straps on straps on straps help these stalwarts get from their advertising job over to the happy hour six blocks away. This is another one of those instances where the well-heeled put the cart before the horse. Before they go and rough it (read: camp or hike at a state park with wi-fi), they insist on maxing out their credit card so that roughing it won't be too rough. As a result, they end up wearing their pricey all-weather gear out to that first blustery outdoor brunch of the season, because damn it, if you bought something you might as well use it, even if that something is incredibly impractical. Step away from the North Face: There are other ways to put your double-income-no-kids-status on display.