In an interview with The Examiner recently Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin explained why protagonist Aiden Pearce wont' be flying any planes in the open world game.”It's something we hear about a lot and it surprised me a bit.”

"There's a lot of questions about the stuff that other games have, and [whether or not] we have them," Morin continued. "Some of them yes and some of them no. One thing we did want to push is stuff that other current games don't have."

The problem with aircraft is that the developer would have to dramatically increase the size of the world. “We wanted to have elements that pushed the fantasy of Watch Dogs a lot,” he said. “So by pushing density and all of that, we didn't push for crazy...If you have planes or choppers, you need that kind of scale.”

So Watch Dogs will be a very dense world with lots to do but probably not on the “massive scale” of some other open-world games. “We wanted to dig into a different area, put the money, put the resources, the five and a half years of research on something else that players might not have touched already in a game.”

What do you think? How “open” does an open-world need to be and does density make up for it? Ultimately we won't know until the game drops but here's to hoping gamers don't run out of things to do. Watch Dogs drops on May 27.

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