What if you could play a game about modern news stories? For instance helping the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford get that crack, or public drunken rants of “ya raasclat bumbaclot!” Hell yeah! It's like a reverse Skate or Die 2 where instead of bringing down a corrupt mayor and avoiding drugs you have to become the biggest monster of all. Well the band Tokyo Police Club have imagined such a beautiful world of irony in the music video for “Hot Tonight.”

While Manic Mayor isn't the only fictional game featured it's defiantly the best. Check out the new video of young, bearded Canadians, and doe-eyed innocents in the land of maple syrup and crack acceptance jumping around and having a great time. It's like that time you accidentally tuned into a Canadian TV station and wondered what the hell is going on. 'Why are all these people so happy and wearing clothes from 2006? Why are they smiling so much?'

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[via Kotaku]