When film buffs think of "Sundance movies," they picture talky, slow-paced dramas about emo people doing emo things. Thoughts about the SXSW Film Festival, however, aren't so vanilla.

Reflecting the unpretentious party atmosphere of its location, the great city of Austin, TX, SXSW's yearly lineup of new independent cinema tends to the bizarre. The fest's programmers pride themselves on discovering filmmakers who take more risks and follow fewer beaten paths. Which is why, this year, there's one movie about a German girl who's into rubbing her genitals on dirty public restroom toilet seats (Wetlands) and another about an Australian guy who stashes drugs in his rectum (The Mule). (OK, that second one is pretty true to drug-mule life, but still.)

And those are two of the best-received films here at SXSW so far, proving its standing as a place where movie critics and viewers alike are down to get a little weird. A whole lot weird, in some cases.

Now that the film festival is almost over, it's a good time to bring you up to speed with just how sick and twisted the 2014 edition has been. Brace yourselves, folks—these are the most disturbing movie moments seen at SXSW so far.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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