King Digital Entertainment has gone public.

Too bad the early results are looking rocky at best. The Candy Crush Saga makers, King, set its IPO price at $22.50, but only minutes into opening trading for the day, shares were down 9 percent to $20.44.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that a company built on a single mobile game hasn't become a Wall Street juggernaut.

King filed for the IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this month, and was initially valued at valued at $500 million. After being a publicly traded company, for a mere four hours, King seems to be looking more and more like a one-hit wonder.

Earlier this year, King was on the receiving end of Internet wide scorn when they attempted to file a trademark on the word 'candy' in an attempt to further protect their brand.

Watch this space for all Candy Crush related developments.

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