The Brooklyn man who sued the NYPD claiming officers forced him to rap for his freedom has settled out of court for $7,500, officials say. 

In 2011, Quinshon Shingles was at Donyale Kitchens' Brooklyn apartment when officers burst in without a warrant, questioning one of the other men who was present. According to the New York Daily News, the suit alleges that officers David Grieco and Joseph Patton "tricked the building’s super to give them a duplicate set of keys" to access Kitchens' apartment.

During their impromptu interrogation, they learned that Singles, now 28, was a rapper. Seeking entertainment, they told Shingles, who performs under the name Sauce Da Boss, to "spit some bars." They promised his handcuffs would be removed if they were impressed. Singles was reportedly freed after rapping for roughly a minute, but told the Daily News that the ordeal was humiliating.

Shingles filed the lawsuit last November, but the city denied his claims, saying "It [did] not appear that either plaintiff was arrested." Despite eventually shelling out nearly $8,000 to Shingles and $4,000 to Kitchens, the city still declined to admit fault in the settlement.

[via New York Daily News]

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