Microsoft Studio boss Phil Spencer confirms that the company is conducting experiments on expanding the graphical power of the Xbox One by implementing real-time ray-tracing which he says has “a ton of potential with this tech; amazing visuals.”

Real-time ray-tracing is hard to explain to easy to see the effects of, check out this video below of a tech demo by NVIDIA back in 2012. Another example that this kind of graphical power allows is a techy thing called “subsurface scattering.” What the hell does that mean? It means when light shines behind a character it can go through their skin, like a flashlight on an earlobe for instance. Making objects look deceptively realistic.

This kind of technology could offer a huge visual boost to the Xbox One but could stretch the next-gen consoles built-in power. It's been rumored that the power of the Xbox One might not be limited to its out-of-the box muscle. Microsoft could conceivably used its massive cloud-based server power to take some of the graphical processing load off the machine.

We'll have to wait and see just were Microsoft’s “experiments” go but boosting the Xbox One's graphics would go along way to dispelling its image problem.

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[Via Gamespot]