Video game box art, especially in the secondary market, is a massive factor in sales.

On the strength of a video game cover, publishers can see their titles move massive numbers. Like comic books, video games are subject to the 'shelf test'. If your cover looks dynamic and grabs a potential consumer by the throat and crotch, you've got yourself a seller.

Most times it doesn't matter that the game or book is a piece of mediocre trash. You've already parted with your money and the CEO of said publisher just gassed up his yacht off the coast of Antigua thanks to you.

But, what if they told the truth? What if, instead of churning out cover art that's a clone of a clone of a clone, video game boxes were honest about what's inside?

What if, instead of luring you in with the enticement of explosions and middle-aged white men on the cover, these companies were honest?

We can dream...

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