These men may not know where Sesame Street is, but they sure do know how to get to central booking.

Dean Allen Stevens, 23, and Matthew Dwayne Coleman, 30, were arrested in Friendswood, Texas on March 4 after being accused of stealing rebar and fencing from a construction site.

Stealing scrap metal is a common crime and it's not always worth reporting on, unless of course the perp was wearing a onesie. 

KTRK-TV reported that Coleman, the adult, is pictured wearing an adorable blue Cookie Monster suit in his mugshot. Too bad this family-friendly outfit didn't endear him to the police.

Cookie Monster Coleman was released on a $1500 bond.

Breaking the law in cute costumes may become a Texas tradition. Earlier this year, police in Beaumont stopped a man in banana suit carrying AK-47.

[via Huffington Post]