Call of Duty may has been accused of much malfeasance as a franchise over the years, but kidney failure is a new one

A Norweigean teen, 14-year-old Henrik Eide Dahl, was hospitalized after consuming nearly 270 ounces of an energy drink in order to stay awake for his marathon Call of Duty session. 

After collapsing in his school's cafeteria, doctors feared the teen would never regain consciousness. Dahl fell into a coma and his kidney's began to fail. He was then put on life support and kept alive via a respirator.

"I was playing Call of Duty. Then everything went dark and I passed out," 

"When I woke up, I was terrified," he added.

Dahl, said the incident had taught him "it is not good to drink that much energy drink."

Dahl is expected to make a full recovery.

Call of Duty has been accused of everything from being an annualized cash-grab with no real discernible difference between one release and the next, to pushing DLC and season passes that overtly nickel and dime gamers, and is often times pilloried by political entities as the sole cause of real-world gun violence, but kidney failure is definetly a first. 

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