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Los Angeles isn’t just palm trees and Crossfit. There’s a seedy underworld that exists under the neon-crunch of vintage signs. tThere’s a history of murder, mobsters, and Hollywood mayhem that plays out like the world’s most fascinating film noir. If the babe you’re taking out on the town is anything of a film buff or basically interested in the shady inner workings of mankind, take her on an Esotouric Tour. Learning things together on the first date is always erotic for sapiosexual babes, and it will also give you something to talk about other than how her ex-boyfriend might have screwed her over. It's set up like your typical tour with buses and tour guides, but those are basically the only similarities. Upcoming tours cover locations the Black Dahlia might have haunted, and Charles Bukowski’s favorite places to get trashed. Donuts are involved. Tours are pricey for a first date (about $58 dollars per person), but are way more memorable than dinner and a movie.