After being released from prison following a 15-year bid for robbery, a man allegedly robbed the exact same store. 

Christopher Miller spent 15 years behind bars for robbing a Stride Rite in Toms River, N.J. in 1999. Following his release on Friday, he reportedly took a bus ride back to the store and robbed it again on Saturday, taking a register containing $389 cash and the employees' cell phones before fleeing.

The manager, who was on duty during the original crime, told the New York Post that she recognized him immediately. "I knew who he was right away," the 43-year-old said. 

The Toms River Police Department found Miller a few blocks from the store with cash in his pockets. The cell phones were discovered in a garbage can, the cash register in a gutter. Police were perplexed by the crime. "I have no idea what he was thinking," Officer Ralph Stocco said, confused. "We thought it was extremely strange ourselves that he would just rob the same store a second time so many years later."

Miller was charged with robbery and returned to Ocean County Jail. Incarceration taught him nothing, but perhaps he just really wanted to go back to jail.

[via New York Post]