Even though Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a movie that should never exist and should definitely never be discussed in life, EVER, Disney is really looking to move forward with another Indiana Jones movie. Considering the fact that Harrison Ford is 71 years old right now, they should get the gigantic boulder rolling stat unless they want the movie to be Indiana Jones and Tales of Assisted Living. 

However, it looks like they may not have to: According to Latino Review, it's possible the studio has a man in mind to replace Ford if need be. 

Bradley Cooper

Now, the most obvious of choices is Shia LaBeouf as the successor to the role considering his part in the last Indy movie that shall not be named—but remember, that guy is not famous anymore. Cooper, on the other hand, has a few David O. Russell films under his belt, not to mention The Hangover franchise, so he's pretty famous. 

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