There are few things that all New Yorkers agree upon—the importance of a local bodega is one of them. Whether you're buying scratch offs, beer, condoms, or a breakfast sandwich, visiting a local bodega is an essential part of your daily life. That's why the gatekeepers of these important institutions are universally celebrated.

To be clear, the guy who makes your BLT is not the bodega's gatekeeper. That job is held down quite skillfully by the bodega cat, the thing that keeps the joint mice free, and what separates your favorite bodega from an ordinary 7-11.

Here, we take a trip to Fort Greene, Brooklyn and meet one of the coolest bodega cats on the block: Hennessy, a Scottish Fold with a Puerto Rican accent. We asked him a few questions about romance, pizza, and what Brooklyn was like back in the day.

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