You’ll be happy to know that last night’s episode of The Walking Dead didn’t feature the murdering or execution of any children like last week, but it did show off another one of the series’ trademarks: talking. "Us," season four's penultimate, didn’t feature any of the twists and turns that fans have come to expect. Instead, it focused on the journey of Glenn’s group, including Tara and Abraham, to find Maggie, as well as Daryl’s struggles to fit in with his new band of Sons of Anarchy impersonators.

This episode was more utilitarian than entertaining, basically existing just to get the cast in or near Terminus as we march (literally) toward next week’s season finale. There was a lot of talking, hiking, and wandering, but in the end, most of the cast has been reunited, with even more set to join the fun next Sunday. The episode ended with the ominous sight of a woman named Mary from Terminus offering Glenn's group a place to stay and some hot food. Her cheerful disposition makes June Cleaver look like Courtney Love in comparison, so that probably means she'll have blood on her hands by this time next week. 

Still, despite the relative lack of action, there was a lot to chew on after the credits rolled last night. To catch you up on all of the highlights, we’re handing out some awards for the MVPs from last night’s Walking Dead:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Best Use of King Solomon Justice: Bizarro Kris Kristofferson splitting a rabbit in half to settle a dispute for Daryl.


Woman Most Likely to be a Serial Killer: Mary, the sweet lady who is all smiles as civilization collapses around her.


The Best GIF to Start Your Day With: Glenn gleefully running towards Maggie.

Thing Most Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Eugene's Mullet. 


Most Ominous Piece of Foreshadowing: The sunflowers in front of Terminus. You all remember what happened last time someone looked at the flowers in this show.

NON-GIF BONUS: Best Homage to George A. Romero: Day of the Dead's Bub Approaching Glenn and Tara in the tunnel.

[GIFs via Uproxx, Fansided, FuckYeahTheWalkingDead]

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