It may have gone unnoticed during the season finale of True Detective last night, but there a new episode of The Walking Dead aired. And if you like to watch characters walk around and talk about their feelings for an hour, last night's episode, “Alone,” is all of your television dreams come true. Action and suspense were pushed aside here to focus on Bob, Maggie, and Sasha's journey to find Glenn, as well as Daryl and Beth’s burgeoning grade-school romance.

As the show takes the most circuitous route possible to reunite the main cast, this episode made a sharp left turn and put the brightest spotlight on the human charisma vacuum Bob Stookey, who had been mercifully ignored since his debut last year. Seriously, this is like dedicating an entire Star Wars movie to Unnamed Stormtrooper #5.

By the end of the episode, Bob, Maggie, and Shasha decide to walk towards the sanctuary of Terminus, which is exactly what they were doing at the beginning of the episode. And Daryl runs afoul of a new band of outlaws after pursuing Beth, who had seemingly been kidnapped by a stranger in a car after a walker attack.

Despite a lack of action and overall progress, there are still plenty of awards to be given out for this week’s episode:

Best use of state property: Maggie braining a walker with a traffic sign

Worst way to land a woman during a zombie apocalypse: Daryl flirting with Beth while using a coffin as his new bed

Most unnecessary character origin story: Bob Stookey shown as a cough syrup-chugging drifter before meeting Daryl and Glenn

Special achievement in post-apocalyptic penmanship: Maggie writing perfectly legibly using only zombie blood

The romance most likely to be despised by fans: Daryl and Beth (or as they will be known from now on: Bethyl)

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