It sort of sounds like the plot of The Parent Trap when you first hear the story—minus the parents—but the story of how twin sisters Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier found each other is anything but fiction. In a vlog on her YouTube page, Futerman (who you might recognize from her role in last year's 21 and Over) introduced a sneak peek at the documentary she and Bordier are working on about their story, Twinsters, which details exactly how the two sisters came to find each other over YouTube and discover that they may be related.

It all began in Feb. 2013, when Bordier messaged Futerman on Facebook after seeing Futerman's blogs and a promo for 21 and Over. The message was as follows:

When Futerman responded, the two began chatting and discovered that they were not only born on the same day, but in the same country, and they were both adopted. Soon after, Futerman traveled from her home in Los Angeles over to London where she met Bordier, then the two headed over to Korea for 10 days to discover whether or not they were actually twins as they suspected. As you can see in the video, the two look nearly identical.

You can check out the promo for Twinsters above, or head over to the doc's Kickstarter page to donate and find out more about the project.

[via Audrey Magazine]