Authorities in Seattle say a resident is shaken up after finding the photo of a bearded man with an ominous message inside of his silverware drawer. 

According to KOMO News, the Seattle Police Department said that the victim moved into the apartment, located in downtown Seattle, six months ago. The man returned to his home following a seven-hour absence and while preparing to make food, he found a photograph of a bearded man with "go away" written on the back. 

Even more puzzling, his apartment door was locked and authorities say there was no sign of forced entry. Nothing was stolen from the apartment, either. 

The police report mentions that other tenants told the victim that the previous tenant was a questionable character. The man believes that either the former tenant, or someone attempting to menace the former tenant is behind the picture. 

KOMO News said that police looked up the former tenant's mugshot and, unsurprisingly, it matched that of the photograph left in the victim's drawer.

[via KOMO News]