We still have another two months until Orphan Black returns for season two on BBC America (official return date: April 19!), and, well...this amazing clip from the new episodes is not helping make the wait any easier. Still, it's amazing, and you should probably stop whatever you're doing and watch it immediately.

As for what's going on in the clip: It looks like the same scene that we saw in the season's first promo image, featuring one of the clones who appears to be Sarah, looking real badass as she threatens major bitch clone, Rachel, who is apart of the company that has patented the rest of the clones. However, in this clip, we get a better look at "Sarah"—and are left wondering if it's really her. Though she's dressed like Sarah and talks like Sarah, her make-up appears to be done in the same way that Cosima's usually is, and her hair appears majorly curled, as if it were recently taken out of the style that Cosima usually has it in. Could it be Cosima, posing as Sarah, to confront Rachel? Or is it Sarah, having to pose as Cosima for some reason?


Check out the teaser above, and be sure to keep track of the orphanblacktv Instagram for more clips.

[via orphanblacktv/Instagram]