Last week a reported embedded source close to Microsoft dropped a huge batch of left-field rumors. One of those rumors included plans of a forthcoming disc-less $399 Xbox One.

Microsoft has officially put the hammer down and squashed that rumor at least. Saying that the sans disc Xbox One and a rumored price drop on the box later this year were either completely wrong or just too soon. Aaron Greenberg responded simply “No, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet.”

Microsoft Studios vice president Phil Spencer responded a bit more directly:

There will be a price cut on the Xbox One but guessing when that will be is a hard to fathom. A disc-free box seems more inline with what Microsoft announced way back for the next-gen console at E3; an always-on, digital delivery only, entertainment machine. That said, there was a huge backlash to this always-on idea and the possibility of not being able to freely use disc-based used games.

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[Via TotalXbox]