Now that the pomp and circumstance of Facebook's 10th anniversary is officially over, it's time to stop reflecting on the last decade, and instead turn the lens to the future. What will be the next political scandal to erupt over social media this year, or the year after next? Or the next movement that will see tens of thousands of people change their profile pictures to show their solidarity? These things are bound to happen, as the Internet has already shown, and new memes, along with changes to the Facebook interface, will surely capture our attention. 

But as the Internet goes, #ICYMI: Here's what was Generation Facebook Week.

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"When Facebook first launched for college students in 2004, the site was a free-for-all, a messy but fun bacchanal that was more reactionary than prescient. Zuck was a college dropout and the site’s launch proved to be a baptism of fire that he navigated brashly. Through it all he has been an accurate gauge of the site’s moves, vacillating between genius, tonedeaf, and just lucky."
—Rawiya Kameir

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