Yesterday was Presidents' Day, and in honor of the (kind-of) holiday, Jimmy Kimmel Live! utilized its Lie Witness News bit in the best way possible. If you aren't familiar with the segment yet, here's the gist of it: Jimmy Kimmel gets a member of his staff to walk the streets of LA (usually Hollywood) and asks a passer-by about a topical news story—except the news story is fake. The people usually pretend to know what the staffer is talking about, because they're either stupid and/or don't want to appear as though they're stupid while on camera.

This time, the fake topical news story was the recent passing of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FYI, before you try to send condolences to the family, FDR actually died in 1945.

In other words...69 years ago. Our school system sucks.

[via Uproxx]