Girls star Lena Dunham sat down with Grantland's editor-in-chief, Bill Simmons for his B.S. Report podcast, and, like most things Lena Dunham is involved in, it was definitely an interesting watch. The two talk about a number of things—like the fact that her current beau, Fun. guitarist, Jack Antonoff, dated Scarlett Johansson when they were in high school, for instance. Also, and probably most important, Dunham reveals that one of her dreams is to play an evil character on Scandal, which is something that needs to happen immediately, and someone should tweet creator Shonda Rhimes about it right now.

Also, Dunham recalls how she was fired (or "sweetly dismissed" as she puts it) from the HBO miniseries, Mildred Pierce.

This is the second time Simmons has had Dunham on his podcast. You can check out their conversation from June 2012 here—after downloading the most recent one here.

[via Grantland]