Like the previous two games before it, Infamous: Second Son lets you choose which side of moral absolutism you want to fall on, as Delsin can decide to be a havoc-wreaking bastard, killing innocents and criminals alike as the way to justify his means or acting like, well, a superhero. In previous Infamous games this has come down to a rather binary path, and it's unclear over how much ethical ambiguity might play into this Seattle-based reboot (but how cool would that be if it's there?).

Sucker Punch recently released some b-roll showcasing the differences seen in one scenario with another conduit; there's really not much else that needs to be said here, so sit back and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous neon-flavored eye candy Second Son has in droves. Either way you choose to play (barring any middle ground) the game drops late next month – get excited.

Via Youtube