Dude it attracts: The Hip-Hop Hotshot
Most clutch feature: Boat life

Have a wad of cash to blow and a penchant for the seedy disguised as the sun-soaked glam of South Beach? Take a cue from the Biebs and go to Miami, where the girls are plastic, having a boat will get you laid 500% of the time, and the strip clubs are packed with hip-hop stars.

Seriously, the strip clubs in Miami were made for dudes who like their girls as thick as their bankroll. Tootsie’s is like an ass emporium, The Office has a great underground hip-hop scene, King of Diamonds has a mechanical bull which lots of celebs love to blow their monetary load on, and Coco’s Nightclub has some of the ripest flesh in town. Less about flesh and more about flash? Bottle service at one of Miami’s many infamous nightclubs will get you a cutie in a skin-tight dress.

Get lost in a maze of dancing bodies at Story, chill with Lil Wayne at LIV, or get baked with babes in bikinis at Nikki’s Beach. Rent a boat and take the girls you met on a cruise around Star Island and see if you can figure out which over-sized mansion is Diddy’s house.