According to Deadline, Candice Patton has been cast as Iris West on The CW’s upcoming pilot adaptation of the DC Comics character The Flash. The show’s version of Iris is described as “Allen’s fast-talking, quick-witted best friend who is also the daughter of Detective West (Jesse L. Martin), who serves as a surrogate father to Barry.” Along with Martin, Patton will join a cast that includes Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a.k.a The Flash.

In the comics, West and Allen eventually marry, but here she is described as his best friend. It will be interesting to see if that changes, or if Allen will still have eyes for Arrow's Felicity Smoak. In the books, Iris is also the aunt of the third Flash, Wally West, and the grandmother of Bart Allen, the fourth Flash. She is also originally portrayed as being white, so it’s obvious that the show’s producers will be updating the character for a more racially diverse world.

[via Deadline]