Going to college is a huge task alone, but combine that with joining a future top 10 basketball program and things get really wild. I had the opportunity to move across the country and play for George Washington University during some of the best years the school has ever seen.

With the 20th anniversary of the movie Blue Chips this week, Complex has enlisted me, a mediocre player with a dope jumper who can't go right, to break evaluate the film's accuracy.

Written by Dominic Green (@DOM_iZZO

1. Coaches Flipping Out

Accurate: Coaches are nuts—I’m talkin’ straight Planters. It becomes second nature to expect the most evil shit to come out of a coach's mouth in the locker room, especially when your team is getting drilled.

2. Kicking the Ball Into the Stands

Inaccurate: College referees are the most frustrating people on the planet—just ask Bobby Knight who makes a cameo in the movie. But kicking the ball in the stands is simply absurd. Now if we’re talking about the NBA, that’s a whole different conversation.

3. Recruiting Trips to the Middle of Nowhere

Accurate: Coaches will go anywhere and do just about anything to get a top player. Duke University's Coach K would've been on the westside of Chicago screamin’ “Three Hunnit! BANG BANG!” if that’s what it took to get Jabari Parker to commit.

4. Going to College for the Women

Accurate: Getting a great education and building life long friendships are cool and all, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself: What would Jesus do?

5. Family Asking for Money and Gifts

Accurate: This is a tough one because most of the time these stories come from football, and I have never encountered this. But if moms is having trouble paying that electricity bill, a call could easily be made.

6. “Friends of the Program” or Boosters

Accurate: Hell yeah there are "friends of the program." Players gotta eat! If that means finding $250 tucked in your locker between your J’s, then so be it.

7. Players Asking for Large Sums of Money

Inaccurate: You either have to be the dumbest dude on the planet or your balls are sponsored by Spalding to straight-up ask a coach for mad racks. That’s what your fatter older brother who thinks he still got it is for.

8. Acting Like an Ass in Class

Accurate: When you’re ranked fifth in the nation and the whole city worships you, Professor Rominski from Accounting 101 can’t tell you a damn thing.

9. Shaving Points

Inaccurate: Yeah this happened back in 1994, but why would a kid shave points to get paid when there are agents waiting at the dorm room talkin’ straight cash, homie?

10. Coach Admitting He’s Guilty

Inaccurate: A coach will never admit to being wrong. He'd lie to you to save face and, if all else fails, he'd just blame it on the assistants.

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