After five long months, it's finally arrived: Super Bowl Sunday, one of the most celebrated weekends of the year. With the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, there's no shortage of headlines spearheading into the big game. It's the NFL's best offense against its best defense. Peyton Manning's record breaking 55 touchdowns versus the Legion of Boom secondary led by their brash, highly skilled cornerback Richard Sherman who leads the league with eight interceptions. The match up has led to so many potential questions: Who will be the X factor? Can this defense really stop Peyton? Will we have pot roast for dinner or Skittles?

With the attention that's been paid to players' off-the-field "antics," Marshawn Lynch being near the head of the pack with this one,  this game is a wet dream for the media. What better place to seek answers to these questions and have a healthy debate other than Twitter? Here are the 10 People You Should Follow on Twitter For The Best Commentary During the Super Bowl.

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