Just last week, Community Board 3 rejected a petition to name a Lower East Side corner in honor of the Beastie Boys. Now, it appears as though the issue has been begrudgingly placed on the board's future agendas.

Last Tuesday, CB3 voted 24 to one (with one abstention) to reject LeRoy McCarthy's application to co-name the intersection of Rivington and Ludlow Streets "Beastie Boys Square." The corner was the setting for the cover of the group's 1989 album, Paul's Boutique

However, Complex received an email from CB3 member Chad Marlow, who said that Beastie Boys Square had been added to the March agenda. "After receiving my letter (and with a HUGE assist from Complex News' video clip of the withdrawal actually happening at the Transportation Committee hearing), CB3 relented and the Beastie Boys Square item is back on the Transportation Committee agenda for March," he wrote.

McCarthy was absent from last week's meeting because, in January, he had agreed to withdraw his application and present it again after acquiring 500 signatures of support from the community. Last week, McCarthy told Complex  via email that "[the opposite of] what was agreed to at the January 14th committee meeting" had been done.

Furthermore, McCarthy told DNAinfo that he received an email from the board informing him that Beastie Boys Square had been added to its February agenda.

Last week, Chairwoman Gigi Li explained to DNAinfo that the full board elected to vote because several members agreed that McCarthy's petition would never fulfill the requirements. Li added that, although the Jan. 14 meeting's resolution stated that McCarthy's application had been withdrawn "pending" was a more precise choice of words. 

During a phone call with Complex News last week, Marlow criticized Li's duplicity: "It can’t be the opinion of the chair of the board that 'it's not what we say to applicants, it’s what we secretly mean.' That’s her opinion on the record. That’s literally the position that she took." 

In an email received this afternoon, McCarthy told Complex that he was still awaiting official confirmation from the board. We will update this story here as it develops.

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