Lenovo (the new owners of Motorola) is letting Ashton Kutcher have a say in the design of its special edition smartphones coming out later this year. 

While celebrities being tied to products they don't necessarily have the credentials to be tied to (see: Alicia Keys and BlackBerry) is a common occurrence, rarely are they actually given the chance to put their input into the design of a product. While Kutcher won't have control over the circuitry of the phones, he'll have control over the user experience, so to speak.  “He not only sees himself as an engineer, but he is an engineer. If he sees a problem, he wants to solve it,” Lenovo Chief Marketing Officer David Roman told Re/code. Not before saying, “I know on one level, it sounds corny, but it is real."

Corny isn't exactly a word you want tied to a potential product. 

[via Re/code]