Alison Brie was on Chelsea Lately last night to promote The Lego Movie, which of course means two things: One, she was adorable, as always, because she is Alison Brie and therefore a walking meme—and two...well, things got weird, but in that "oh my God, I immediately have to share this Alison Brie interview with the world" kind of way. So, here it is: Brie's appearance on Chelsea Lately. Things didn't really get weird until just about this part, when host Chelsea Handler comments that The Lego Movie is a strange project for Brie to be associated with, because "this is a very wholesome movie for you to be in, because I know your personal history...I do, and she's a pretty dirty birdy." (Apparently, Brie attended a clothing optional college, so that should tell you a little bit about this.)

Brie laughs, and comments that Handler and people in her personal life know that about her, but she's only ever done a film role with sexual content the first movie she ever shot, 2007's Born.

Now, this film has about 3.5 out of 10 stars on its IMDb page, so you know it's going to be pretty terrible from the start—but nothing will prepare you for the role Brie describes having, which involves her, a virgin named Mary Elizabeth who one day wakes up pregnant with demon spawn, having sex with a "hot Swedish guy"...before...well, we'll let you see Brie explain it. Check the clip above.

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[via ChelseaLately/YouTube]