Attendees who walked past the HDBT booth of this year's International CES were greeted by two panicked women donning blue camoflauge military fatigues. The pair would plead for assistance in getting rid of an evil force that's threatening the future of mankind.

The threat was something called "cables" but that could mean anything. It could be a code word, a cable company, a gold chain—WTF is this "cables" thing that's got these women so upset? After a few more steps inside a booth, the scene reveals what the stunt is all about. The area is filled with arcade game cabinets of a video game called, Cable Invaders

Cable Invaders is throw back to Taito's 1978 classic Space Invaders video game. Instead of shooting lasers through triangular aliens, the player must shoot creatures with electronic cables for tentacles. The arcade game even accepts coins (given out by the blue fatigued soldiers). No doubt, the HDBT booth was a hit with onlookers staring in gleeful awe at the theatrics. Right above the HDBT was a screen that cycled through promotional messaging and high scores from the best players at CES.

The HDBaseT Alliance is a crew of technology leaders from LG Electronics, Panasonic, Sony Pictures Entertainment and the organization's founders Valens Semiconductor Ltd. whose goal is to create an industry standard for moving media through devices. Instead of having cables for sound, video, internet and power, HDBT combines all of that into a single cable. So far, LG, Panasonic and the rest of the gang have released the tech in their new TVs and stereo receivers with others jumping eagerly on-board. Hopefully, the likes of PlayStation and Xbox will also follow the trail to the bandwagon in the near future. If there's one thing gamers can always use less of, is another cable to trip over.

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