Every so often a computing device—be it a desktop, PC, tablet, or smartphone—comes along that totally reshapes how we interact with everything and everyone around us. The true power of such a device lies in its ability to transform the way we work and, ultimately, the way we live. Apple has done just that—again, no less—with its new Mac Pro. The stunning, cylindrical unit is a thing of pristine architecture: 11lbs in size, featuring dual GPUs, new-gen Xeon processors, PCIe-based flash storage, support for 4K video, a warehouse worth of memory, rich audio capacity, and so much more. And yet, despite the Mac Pro's mighty, mighty power, its Star Trek aesthetics caught our eye once we removed its aluminum casing and took a close look at the circuitry underneath. "We wanted to rethink  the Mac Pro from the ground up," an Apple rep told Complex Tech. "This isn't just a slightly better version, it's a completely rethought version." 

Now it's your turn: take a peek into the Mac Pro's soul.

All photos by Liz Barclay