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How would you feel about being forced to play GTA IV until you puked all over yourself and crumpled into a vertiginous puddle of child tears?

Well that's exactly what happened in (surprise, surprise) Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. 28-year-old Maasa Kawabata has been arrested for forcing his stepson to play Grand Theft Auto IV until the child succumbed to a medical disorder known as Dysautonomia. The condition alters blood pressure, heart rate, and digestive functions. 

If that weren't bad enough, Kawabata would verbally abuse his nine-year-old son while the marathon gaming sessions were taking place. Calling the child an idiot and telling the boy to kill himself, Kawabata would wait until the boy's mother left the house to begin abusing the boy.

Well that's seven shades of fucked up right there.

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 (Via MSN Japan)