Rejoice PlayStation users! You will soon be able to get the HBO Go app on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 for on-demand replaying of Game of Thrones over, and over.

According to the PlayStation Blog, users will still meet the requirements of Xbox and other device users by having a subscription to HBO via a cable or satellite provider to use the app. As expected, it will offer “every episode of every season of the network's best shows” along with “hit movies, sports, documentaries and comedy specials, as well as special behind-the-scenes-extras” and of course, Real Sex.

No release date for the either the PS3 or PS4 app has been set yet but hopefully it'll drop before the premiere of the new Game of Thrones on April 6. But at the very least you can have a massive Entourage and sushi marathon and make up clever nicknames for all your houseplants, party on.

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[Via IGN]