Desperate for money, there isn't much George Zimmerman won't do for income these days. Zimmerman has reportedly agreed to participate in a boxing match (don't refer to it as a "celebrity match"; he isn't a celebrity) where he'll fight anyone. 

According to TMZ, boxing promoter Damon Feldman offered Zimmerman money to fight, but the opponent has yet to be selected. Much has been made of the fact that Zimmerman is apparently "open" to fighting a black person, though Feldman told TMZ "We're not looking at it as a race thing ...We haven't discussed purple, yellow, white, black."

There doesn't need to be emphasis on the race of Zimmerman's potential opponent, as people of varying ethnicities will be eager to step into the ring with him. The match will take place on March 1; if you're interested in participating, contact 

There's a line of people ready to fight George Zimmerman, so finding an opponent shouldn't be a problem.

[via TMZ]

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