There are no sure things in life but death and taxes. Until this month, we thought that it was also a sure thing that the Smiling Poo emoji would forever reign supreme atop our Power Rankings. Yes, there were a number of wild shake-ups in our rankings this month, and the most shocking among them is that we have a new sheriff in emoji town. Though Smiling Poo will surely be a first ballot Hall of Famer, this month number two failed to make it to number one.

Late January is a strange time of year. The holidays are behind us, and all we have to look forward to is the hope of a short winter. Valentine's Day is on the horizon, so love and lust are on the mind, that is, when you can think about anything but how damn cold your fingers are. Strange times call for strange emojis, and that means that this month has provided the most surprising Emoji Power Rankings yet. Without further ado, check out the ups and downs of your favorite emoji superstars with Complex's own Emoji Power Rankings: January's Top 25