Titanfall looks to shake-up the first-person shooter model when it drops in March with a new mechs, rocket assisted soldiers and an online-only story mode. But one tiny detail has everyone nervous. Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is still tying to resolve the debacle that was the buggy launch of Battlefield 4 that cause the publisher's stock to dip, gamers to demand refunds and possible class-action lawsuits from investors about being misled on the game's launch window and readiness.

EA however is assuring fans – and investors - that the same will not be true for Titanfall. In an investor call last night EA Games vice president Patrick Soderlund explained that Battlefield 4's shaky multiplayer legs were unique to the project.

"I'll quickly touch on kind of what happened, what we've done and how we're learning from it," he said. "So on the first segment, the what happened part is when Battlefield 4 launched, it was a very complex game, launching on two entirely new console platforms, as well as current-gen and PC.”

"We were pushing innovation heavily and we're delivering 60 frames per second gameplay for 64 players plus the ability to connect via mobile tablet as a commander into the product, coupled those with some very innovative features in the gameplay side. Based on our prelaunch testing, our beta performance, we were confident the game was ready when it was launched. Shortly after launch, however, we began hearing about problems from our player community, and the development team quickly began to address the situation.”

"So what have we done since we encountered the problems is we were fortunate to have an architecture in place that allows us to adjust and update the game rapidly, and that's actually what we've done. We released multiple software updates across all platforms to resolve the primary issues and game stability has significantly increased.”

Soderlund closed the call by stressing that Battlefield 4's problems were specific to its large technological demands, and that EA needs to do a “better job” of bug hunting.

The Titanfall Xbox One and PC beta launches next month and the game drops in-full on March 11

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