Welp, this can't be a good sign. After ratings for the premiere were down a whopping 28 percent last week, it looks like Duck Dynasty's ratings are continuing to slide as the season continues. According to Yahoo! TV, viewership this week was down 2 million viewers compared to just last week, making their total audience about 6.7 million viewers—much, much lower than last week's 8.5 million viewers, and last season's 12 million viewers.

This falling viewership, of course, comes after Duck Dynasty family patriarch Phil Robertson made a series of anti-gay and racist comments in an interview with GQ. He was suspended from the show after the comments went public, but promptly reinstated a day later after fans threatened to boycott.

So, does this signal the beginning of a ratings trend for the series? It's too early to say—but ratings falling this sharply two weeks in a row definitely isn't a good sign for any show, let alone one without so much controversy surrounding it.

[via Yahoo! TV]