It's hard to make friends in DayZ. The wildly popular zombie (and human) survival game in Steam's Early Access can provide hours of knuckle-biting frustration. Picking berries, scavenging for water, made to preform the wiggle dance for your life. Now players are being hassled by a roving group of bandits forcing gamers to sing for their lives.

Spawning as a new player in DayZ means going through all sorts of terrible human contact. Like the fresh fish dropped into county lockup you're going to get abused by players with full gear. So some social skills and testing the limits of what you'll do to keep your virtual player alive will quickly come into sharp focus.

Behold, the Wiggle Dance. Image Via: ORCZ

Being forced to wiggle dance – kinda like the “hands up, please don't shoot me” but with more hip action – is a small price to pay to stay alive but singing? That's pretty rough. This group of bandits actually sticks to their word and allows players who sing to live, even producing a few goodies for the effort. That's certainly not always the case. In fact getting handcuffed, mugged and shot in the head are par for the course. What do you expect? It is the apocalypse!

DayZ is in the middle of its paid Alpha right now and is continuing to add to new features including the soon to be revealed vehicles. Stay tuned for more details.

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