Tired of all those social and familial obligations pinning you down all your game time? Well the makers of Call of Duty: Ghosts have an idea of how to free up your schedule for a little extra play time with the new DLC Onslaught: “CODnapping.”

Besides, why the hell would you want to be spending time with your girlfriend, or being a father to your child when you could be killing space bugs and kill-streaking your way to becoming Michael Myers? Who remembers a child's first steps anyway? They don't. What will be remembered is the gaming legend you've become, according to this new commercial.

Actor Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire, Snatch) explains the process of getting “CODnapped” for a few days in what looks to be the same set-up used for media, expect I've never had to joy of experiencing hands-free scotch drinking but boy! I want to!

"Your family will not know where you are," Graham says. "Your girlfriend will not know where you are."

"Upon your extraction, you will be brought to an undisclosed location. You'll sit in big comfy chairs. You'll be given snacks ... You will indulge yourself in the onslaught until such time I deem you've finished. Then you'll be returned to the ones you've loved."

Ah yes, as fool proof as faking your own death by walking into the sea. Onslaught will be available next week on Jan. 28 as part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts season pass. For more about the upcoming DLC and Ghosts check out the video and the links below.

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