These streets got us backed up, how can we escape? How can we survive without bubblin' with hate? We get prepared for the stand off, once we get handed off, that joystick and start to merk jerks (electronically) real quick. Video games are our escape, but they're our business, too. Our biggest dream is to rock out on our PS 3 and beam, load GTA V with the gods and rob cars in the white part of Queens. Clear your head, play sober (or not, we're talking video games, not drug dealing or driving cars). The sole controllers of the controllers are the incomparable Larry Hester and the indispensable Hanuman Welch, and this is the Best of Complex Video Games 2013.

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GTA V: The Most Perfect (and Perfectly Disturbing) Game You'll Play This Year (September 16)

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"NBA 2K14, the Reign Continues for LeBron James and 2K Games (September 24)

The Best Video Game Music From the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 Era (October 7)

How We Played With Power: The Secret History of "Nintendo Power" (December 2)

No Sleep Till Brooklyn: "GTA V" and the Eight-Hour Midnight Marathon (September 17)

"Street Fighter" and Your Favorite NBA Player: A Side by Side Comparison (August 22)

New York Comic Con Cosplay Round Up (October 14)