From Iraq to Kuwait, word up, a gas station? City Guide, multiply, you got beef? We got beef (recommendations). Okay, so we don't actually know a place where you can fill up your tank and grab a burger on the Shaikh Jaber Ahmed Alsabah Road, it just seems that way, but we also don't have to shoot up your block to make you know us: Julian Kimble has a blogging pen as sharp as Shinobi; Shante Cosme is the chick who is the head of the click. Together they're invincible and untouchable. Here's the Best of Complex City Guide 2013.

The 25 Best Cocktails in NYC Right Now, in GIFs (January 25)

"Wild Style" Then and Now: A Photographic Retrospective (January 31)

Why Sorority Girl Rebecca Martinson Writing About Double Blowjobs Is Terrible for Ladies and Completely Our Fault (November 19)

The Oral History of Freaknik (April 12)

What 30 of Your Favorite Record Shops Have Become (April 19)

The 10 Best Sandwiches in NYC Right Now, In GIFs (April 3)

Remembering Trayvon Martin: How a Young Man's Short Life and Senseless Death Will Reverberate (July 15)

Who We Talk About When We Talk About "Girls" (January 13)

15 Potential Illuminati Headquarters Around the World (April 18)

The First Black Students Admitted to 15 Prestigious U.S. Universities, and Their Stories (February 16)