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If you're not yet excited for David Wain's upcoming Amy Poehler- Paul Rudd-starring film, They Came Together, take this time right now as an opportunity to get excited—this movie is going to be great. Proof of that is this new clip, via The Film Stage's Facebook, which introduces us to Poehler's mom'n'pop candy shop-owning character, Molly, and Rudd's corporate candy store chain-employee, Joel.

As the film is envisioned to be a total romantic comedy parody the whole way through, Molly and Joel meet in this clip in the most rom-com way possible: Running into each other at a major NYC bookstore and discovering, gasp, they both like fiction books. What are the odds! It must be fate. 

They Came Together, which also stars Ed Helms, Cobie Smulders, Christopher Meloni, and Max Greenfield, is set to make its first debut at Sundance later this month. Until then, check out the first clip from the film below.

[via The Film Stage]